Unlock customer satisfaction and revenue opportunities

Invest in your Service Advisors by providing them with the skills and processes to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Our Service Advisor training will teach your advisors a successful Service Drive Process.

Your team will learn:

   ✓   The importance of creating a positive first and lasting impression

   ✓   The intention of each step in the Service Drive Process and techniques for maximum effectiveness

   ✓   The words and phrases to more effectively identify customer needs

   ✓   To build maximum value on the service presented

   ✓   To close the sale with casual confidence

   ✓   The techniques to overcome common objections and improve closing ratios

   ✓   The different ways to  properly follow up and prospect for new business

   ✓   The techniques to ensure and improve client satisfaction

AutoStaff will customize a training solution that fits your dealership’s unique needs.

Let us help you build a path towards repeat business and customer retention.


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