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Need help with your BDC Department?

AutoStaff will help you convert more leads into SALES!

Whether you’re building a BDC or Internet Sales department from the ground up or optimizing your existing one, our automotive BDC recruiting and sales training solutions are designed to optimize sales opportunities for your dealership in today’s digital age!

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Your team will learn the skills and techniques to:

  • Communicate effectively with your customer using phone, email, and/or chat
  • Capture and manage the critical customer “first impressions” with our sales training
  • Control the process and experience to advance the customer in the buying process
  • Quickly build relationships and instill trust and confidence with your customers
  • “Tee up” your successful sales process, meeting the customer where they’re at on the “Road to the Sale”
  • Set appointments that show, confirm appointments, and follow up after appointments
  • Process objections professionally and bring the customer and their trade to your place of business
  • Leverage your client base to generate new sales opportunities without the added advertising costs

Partner with AutoStaff to make sure your BDC staff has the skills, habits, and confidence to be informative and persuasive, helping you and your customers achieve your goals. Learn more about how our automotive industry recruiters can help you!

Why Focus on BDC and Internet Sales?

Businesses in the automotive industry should invest in their BDC and internet sales for several reasons. First and foremost, with the increasing importance of online presence and digital marketing, building a strong BDC and internet sales team with our automotive recruiters is crucial in staying competitive and reaching a wider audience. With more and more customers conducting research and making purchases online, businesses that invest in their BDC and internet sales can attract and retain more customers.

Moreover, a team well-trained by AutoStaff can help businesses improve their customer service and streamline their sales processes. By using technology and data-driven approaches, these teams can provide personalized and efficient services to customers, from responding to inquiries and scheduling appointments to closing sales. Reach your full potential with our automotive industry recruiters!

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