Need to hire Service Advisors?

Finding the right Service Advisors with the right combination of unique skills can be challenging. Partner with AutoStaff to help you hire the Service Advisors you need.

Our recruiting solutions include the following AND MORE:

   ✓   Craft customized job postings that are keyword-optimized and tailored to help sell the job and your organization, and attract the best candidates

   ✓   Sponsor job listings and optimize daily ad budgets to ensure your job remains prominently displayed in relevant search results

   ✓   Join forces with our partners at the leading job boards to monitor and modify your job listings regularly to ensure optimal visibility and effectiveness over time

   ✓   Leverage resume harvesting, boolean keyword searches, and access to vast databases of job candidates, to proactively source, target, and engage individuals with relevant work experience, skills, and expertise

   ✓   Screen and vet candidates to verify they meet all job requirements and gauge their professionalism and character

   ✓  Collaborate with selected candidates and your hiring manager(s) to coordinate and schedule phone and in-person interviews and send calendar invitations and appointment reminders

   ✓   Follow through with the selected candidates to ensure a successful onboarding experience.

AutoStaff is an automotive-specific recruiting and training company. We have helped many dealerships hire and train their staff. Let’s get your Service Department staffed with the right people!


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