Need Salespeople?

Sales success is the result of having the right number of skilled people following an effective process. We have a proven track record of success helping our clients hire the sales professionals they need and the client testimonials to back it up!

Our sales recruiting program will:

   ✓    Source huge volumes of qualified job candidates who demonstrate a high propensity to excel at selling in a retail environment

   ✓  Craft customized job postings tailoredto help sell the job and your organization and attract the best candidates

   ✓  Use resume harvesting, boolean keyword searches, and access to vast databases of job candidates to actively source, target, and engage with relevant candidates

   ✓    Interview, screen and gauge candidates for professionalism and character

   ✓    Schedule the best candidates for final interviews with your designated hiring manager(s)

   ✓    Follow through with your onboarding team and the selected candidates to ensure a successful onboarding experience

In a nutshell, we do all the heavy lifting for you so your managers can focus on sales. The investments you’ve made in your facility and advertising are only as effective as your people and processes. AutoStaff can help you hire, train and retain the sales professionals you need to succeed. The ROI will be increased sales, gross and customer satisfaction.


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