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“There is something inherently simple, noble and modest about a leader that sees his role as a teacher…not a boss.”

– John Wooden –

Our rEvolutionary Leadership Training will help you and your leadership team:

   ✓   Identify personal and organizational value(s) that drive you as a leader

   ✓    Create alignment between personal and business/team values and visions

   ✓    Learn the skills to maximize team member productivity, fulfillment, and retention

   ✓    Implement/Build-on a positive and supportive culture, even during times of change

   ✓    Inspire and motivate team performance

   ✓    Conduct coaching and performance management

   ✓    Learn the skills of “situational leadership” and how to best guide your team members

   ✓    Manage conflicts and have crucial conversations

   ✓    Understand the importance of “emotional intelligence” and its impact on performance

By selecting AutoStaff as your training partner, your leadership team will make incremental improvements and become more effective.


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