Here is what some of our clients are saying about us

“When you are the #1 Kia dealer in the world, you have high standards. So do Dealer Solutions 360!”

“They brought us over 300 applicants; we hired 35 quality Salespeople and BDC Agents!”

“If you guys are in need of a great company, Dealer Solutions 360 might be the answer for you!”

Billy Fuccillo, Sr. - President, Fuccillo Kia (Tampa, FL)

“We started with 80 applicants to interview and narrowed it down to 15 to 20 qualified personnel!”

“The qualification process, the hiring process, and the training; everything was top-notch! I would recommend Dealer Solutions 360!”

Bill Sowers - General Manager, Fuccillo Kia (Merritt Island, FL)

“We started with 150 applicants and narrowed it down to 50, whom we ended up hiring 18 new Sales and BDC agents!”

“Talk about fantastic, high-quality people! Dealer Solutions 360 did an excellent job delivering!”

Billy Fuccillo, Jr. - Dealer Principal, Fuccillo Automotive (Syracuse, NY)

“We had the good fortune to bring in Dealer Solutions 360 to relaunch our BDC Department.  We are now up 28 units per month, year over year!”

“Unbelievable how they made it happened! Dealer Solutions 360 are real pros!”

Bobby Dunn - President, Bob Dunn Hyundai Subaru (Greensboro, NC)

“We interviewed over 140 candidates between 3 days and hired 8 Service Advisors and 4 Service Technicians! The results were phenomenal!”

“We will be using them again in the future!”

Travis Walker - Director of Fixed Operations, Sansone Auto Mall (Avenel, NJ)

“Dealer Solutions 360 interviewed over 100 people and got us over 20 quality people for our BDC Department and Sales Department!”

“I recommend them, and hopefully you’ll be as happy as I am with them!”

David Salsido - Vice President, Sansone Auto Group (Avenel, NJ)

“We got over 20 Salespeople and BDC members for our dealership, whom are gonna be knockouts!”

“Dealer Solutions 360 were great in their presentations and training that they gave us!”

“I highly recommend Dealer Solutions 360 if you have any staffing needs!”

Patrick Greenhouse - General Sales Manager, Honda of Fort Worth (Fort Worth, TX)

“We ended up hiring 3 BDC agents for my department! I am very excited about their future here with us!”

Desiree Bausemer - Director of Business Development, Honda of Fort Worth (Fort Worth, TX)

“ Amazing process! We interviewed over 140 people!”

“We got high quality hires! Dealer Solutions 360 are 100% professional, and they delivered when we needed it!”

Greg Beeson - General Manager, Honda of Fort Worth (Fort Worth, TX)

“It has been challenging to find good quality GM-certified Service Technicians and Service Advisors. Dealer Solutions 360 provided us with an excellent Technician and Service Advisor!”

“I highly recommend Dealer Solutions 360 to anybody who’s looking to hire good quality people!”

Guy Denig - Director of Fixed Operations, Century Buick GMC (Tampa, FL)

“We had a need to hire 5 to 7 people. We’ve tried to recruit on our own, and we’ve sought to use other companies without results.”

“Dealer Solutions 360 came in and had over 79 interviews of which we hired 6 quality Salespeople who were vetted and fully on our sales process!”

Ralph Ghioto - President, Century Buick GMC (Tampa, FL)

“Dealer Solutions 360 brought in 5 BDC Agents, whom were great and help us expand our store!”

“We had over 120 applicants! We ended up hiring 8 BDC Agents!”

“I highly recommend Dealer Solutions 360! Thumbs up! They’re the best!”

Theo Theodorou - BDC Manager, Brooklyn Mitsubishi (Brooklyn, NY)

“The only way I can put a campaign on fast enough and get the best result is to call Dealer Solutions 360!”

“If you’re looking for the best results and the best integrity with zero problems, I’d really recommend Dealer Solutions 360!”

Allen Blad - General Manager, Halterman's Toyota (East Stroudsburg, PA)

“Dealer Solutions 360 got me a couple of applicants within a week!”

“If you have any needs with Technicians, I would strongly suggest Dealer Solutions 360!”

Terry Decaire - Service Manager, Century Kia (Tampa, FL)


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